By specializing in on-location beauty services and arranging a personalized glam package, lockSpot Studios strives to eliminate the stress involved with your primping process and lock in the look of your Pinterest dreams for your big day!


We have carefully vetted out the best artists and professionals in the industry to ensure your experience is as seamless and relaxed as possible.


lockSpot Studios handles all of your needs with a customized package that brings your flawless look to life!


Artistic Director, Co-Founder

10+ years in the business of making people beautiful, Sarah’s passion lies in the happiness of her clients and is proven through her awe-inspiring body of work. The art of styling hair and watching the beautiful transformation from the everyday style to a glamorous look fuels this passion and showcases her true artistry.


Sarah operates under the belief that hair is the one accessory you never take off and is the most important thing you wear every day. She incorporates this concept into every client meeting by understanding lifestyles, personalities and overall styles to lock in each unique look. Overall her top priority will always be the health and texture of her clients hair because the most beautiful and wearable hair is healthy hair.


Lead Make-Up Artist

With over 5 years of Experience, Kaylee's passion and creativity is the perfect combination as LockSpot Studio's Lead Make-Up Artist. As a highly trained Artist her expansive abilities allow a wide range of looks and accommodate any skin type.  Kaylee prides herself on discovering, sourcing and maintaining the highest level of product to ensure that quality helps achieve flawless results.  


Business Manager, Co-Founder

The business brains behind the lockSpot Studios operations, Kelly is an experienced sales professional and project manager with a life-long passion for beauty and fashion. She will be spearheading the customization of proposals to fit all bridal party needs, finding talented professionals and ensuring top-notch customer service and satisfaction.